Friday, August 10, 2012

Printing from Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

The Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod have become some of the most popular devices in today's marketplace. With these devices becoming so easy to use for web browsing, email and word processing, many people are using these devices more than their personal computers and they are taking them everywhere.  However, there has been one frustrating issue when working on these devices; PRINTING. That is until now! Apple has been working behind the scenes with Printer Manufacturers such as HP, Epson, and others to overcome this issue. In true Apple fashion, they have announced a technology called 'Apple AirPrint', that is simply amazing. 

Apple AirPrint is supposed to enable iPad's, iPhones, and iPod's (with the latest iOS update) to print without having to install any software or do any configuration at all.  Yes, you read that correctly. No configuration or software install is needed.

So you may be thinking that this is amazing news and you may try to print using your iPad only to find it not working for you.  Well, here is the catch, the printer MUST have the Apple AirPrint technology as a feature, and since the technology is so new, mostly only new printers have it.

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod and want to be able to print directly from your device, then it may be time to look into purchasing one of these new printers.

Although there are many new printers that have this technology built in, R3 highly recommends the Epson WorkForce Series, noted below, for their vast amount of features and reasonable cost.

Epson WorkForce 545
Epson WorkForce 645

If you are looking to replace your old printer and need assistance picking out the right model with all the features you need, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Best Regards,
Rob Richman - President
R3 Consulting, LLC